#Fighting Stigma

Ep 1: The Intro

Do people find it easy to talk about their mental problems with their friends or family?
Do people find it easy to drop by a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist when they’re in pain?
Watch the First Episode of our series of videos aiming at Fighting Stigma


Ep 2: The Magnificent Brain

There’s no better way to fight mental health stigma than learning about the organ in question itself… Our Brain. This magnificent organ in your skull that’s the seat of all the development that the human race has undergone in the past 2 million years.


Ep 3: Every thought you make

Ever wondered why do we think? that whispering sound in our head sometimes commenting or planning, other times blaming or digesting painful memories. like any other function in our body it malfunctions sometimes resulting in diseases like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Schizophrenia. So next time you come across a person with a thought disorder don’t be reluctant to say Hello.


Ep 4: Emotions will keep us alive

How can you define Emotions? This atmosphere that engulfs us in specific situations, changing our perception of our bodies and the world around us! No wonder Emotions are seated in the very center of our brains, specifically in the Limbic system. It’s disturbance leads to several psychological problems, from Anxiety to Depression and Traumas. Watch this video to find out more.

Ep 5: A Little Brain

How do our children’s brains work? How can we tell if they are having emotional problems? What can we do to help? Watch this video to learn more about the Little Brain!