Psychological Testing

Psychological tests are the cornerstone of any psychiatric assessment.  Psychological tests complement the psychiatrist’s clinical examination with objective data adding accuracy to his diagnosis. Think of it as the equivalent of the Laboratory tests or X-ray in the assessment of physical diseases and how they illuminate a doctor’s diagnosis.

All our psychological tests are carried by experienced psychiatrists and psychologist in the field of psychometry.

We at the Good Hope Psychiatry Clinic are proud to provide our clients with the latest and most accurate psychological tests in the fields of cognitive functions testing, intelligence tests and personality tests

a) Cognitive Functions Tests:

These tests help assess the person’s attention and memory, his organization & planning skills and problem solving abilities. These tests are necessary in the assessment and follow up of:

  • In children with ADHD or other neuro-developmental disorders.
  • The memory impairment in people at risk of developing Alzheimer’s or Vascular Dementia.
  • The cognitive deterioration in people with Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Depressive disorders.
  • The impact of cognitive deterioration on day to day activities after head trauma.

We are proud to offer the latest computerized psychological testing system for attention, memory and the executive functions of the brain, which gives a direct assessment of the person’s mental functions. Tests are designed in a motivating user-friendly way to stimulate the patient’s alertness and involvement.

Tests for different aspects of attention are suitable for children aged 7 and more, which gives a direct assessment of the child’s mental functions instead of the conventional testing which relies on the results of indirect questionnaires filled out by the parents.

b) Intelligence tests:

These tests assess the child/adult intellectual abilities, which are necessary in the assessment of delayed speech or any other verbal or motor developmental milestone in children. They are also helpful in determining the treatment plan of a person with a learning disability or mental retardation.

c) Personality tests for the adults and youth:

Many persons suffering from depression or anxiety are actually suffering from a Personality Disorder. The presence of a Personality Disorder will often complicate any secondary depression or anxiety and result in poor response to treatment with medications alone. Personality tests confirm the doctor’s clinical examination when suspecting the presence of pathological personality patterns and will eventually result in a more accurate treatment plan.

Hospital-based Consultancy

Psychotic disorders and Addiction treatment might necessitate hospitalization especially in the early phases of the illness. The Hospital environment is ideal to break through the impaired insight and denial that we face in psychosis and addiction respectively.

We provide Inpatient consultancy at reputable psychiatry hospitals. If your loved ones are refusing treatment, try to understand that this is the nature of the illness. We can help them make their way into the journey of recovery.

Home Visits

We understand that psychiatric and physical illnesses can be disabling and limit your mobility; especially in seniors. We offer home visits for you and your loved ones.