Outpatient consultations are the cornerstone of our clinic services. Most psychological disorders will be diagnosed and treated through outpatient consultations. The Consultation starts with a detailed assessment of your complaints and condition using psychiatric assessment, medical examination, laboratory and psychological tests. We then work up the most suitable treatment plan for your condition.
We, at the Good Hope Psychiatry Clinic, are proud to have expertise in biological treatments (such as medication and brain stimulation therapies) and different forms of Psychotherapies.

General Adult Clinic

General Adult Clinic provides treatment for people with Depressive Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.

In the General Adult Psychiatry Clinic a thorough assessment is the key to a successful treatment. In the first couple of sessions we are able to identify all the causative factors (Genetic and biological factors, personality traits, relationships, current living situations, and work related factors) that play a role in the emergence of the current symptoms. Through our understanding of all the bio-psycho-social factors we can build a treatment plan that cures the illness and restores normal occupational and social functioning.

Child and Adolescent Clinic

Our team provides psychological assessment and treatment for adolescents and children with various psychological problems including:

  • Behavioural and Scholastic problems
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Learning difficulties
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders

We rely in our assessment not only on the complaints of the parents but also on careful examination of the child during play and completion of different tasks along with the latest psychological testing.

Attention and hyperactivity problems are frequently the reason behind scholastic difficulties, impulsiveness and reckless attitude with others. The clinic is proud to offer the latest computerized psychological testing system for attention and memory, which gives a direct assessment of the child’s mental functions instead of the conventional testing which relies on the results of indirect questionnaires filled out by the parents.

The treatment plan includes play therapy or psychotherapy for the junior, brain training for attention problems and family sessions for the parents that aim at improving communication and parenting skills.

You can also benefit from workshops for Parenting Skills for toddlers, preschoolers, school age children and adolescents, held regularly at our clinic for topics such as:

  • Normal Development of the young mind
  • Communicating efficiently with your child
  • Workshops for specific psychological problems such as: inattention & hyperactivity, stubbornness & anger and communicating with the autistic child.

Psychosis Rehabilitation Clinic

“My son has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. In the beginning he suffered from hearing voices (hallucinations) and a belief that others are talking about him behind his back or that he’s being watched (delusions). Medications have helped him overcome these symptoms. Nowadays he doesn’t talk much, he has scholastic/work problems, he’s socially withdrawn, shows great difficulty at accomplishing simple daily tasks like buying some grocery or taking his car to the mechanic which made him totally dependent on us and looks absent minded most of the time; as if he is depressed.”

Psychosis affects multiple mental functions and result in:

  • A disorder of thoughts that lead to the emergence of delusions and hallucinations
  • A disorder of the cognitive and executive functions of the brain (attention – memory – planning abilities), that lead to an impairment in the ability to work, study or accomplish daily living tasks.
  • A disorder in the social skills, that leads to social withdrawal and poor self esteem.

Accordingly the treatment plan consists of:

  • Medical treatment and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for the disorder of thoughts
  • Cognitive Remediation Therapy
  • Social skills Training that will target his social difficulties and help him regain his role in the family and society
  • Psychoeducation sessions for the family.

Cognitive assessment and Remediation Therapy are performed by the latest computerized psychological testing and training system for attention and memory designed specifically for the treatment of psychotic disorders. Then, the patient will be engaged in a social skills training

Our Psychosis Rehabilitation Programme provides each patient with a comprehensive treatment plan designed to help him overcome these symptoms in a way that will reflect directly on his life; starting from simple day to day tasks to complex functions such as those which face him in studying and work or taking care of her family.

Psychotic disorders are Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorders, Drug induced Psychosis and Schizoaffective disorder.

Addiction Clinic

We offer outpatient and inpatient Relapse prevention programmes for Alcoholism, Substance addiction, Sex and Love addiction, Gambling and Co-dependency.

All treatment modalities start with detoxification in reputable hospitals in Cairo.

The Relapse Prevention Programme in our clinic consists of:

  • Individual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions
  • Family education sessions
  • Drug tests: regular and random
  • 12 steps facilitation sessions
  • A medical examination and laboratory tests to monitor the physical complications of addiction.
  • Psychiatric medications are used in the detoxification phase and only when necessary in the early phases of recovery.

Many patients require partial hospitalization in a therapeutic milieu, which is designed to help patients continue the work started during the inpatient stay with an increased emphasis on strengthening relapse prevention skills and strategies. Patients gradually take on increased responsibility for self-care, and are supported as they transition back to their home, work or school environments.

Eating Disorders Clinic

Teenagers and adults suffering from an eating disorder typically are struggling with a variety of dysfunctional eating behaviors and weight-altering behaviors, severe distress and concern about body weight as well as a range of related psychological symptoms.

Eating disorders are Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, Binge eating disorder, and psychological disturbances accompanying morbid obesity.

Treatment components include individual psychotherapy, nutrition consultancy, family therapy, and psychiatric medication if needed. Each patient receives assessments and interventions from the psychiatrist who provides individual psychotherapy and the nutritionist.

You can also benefit from a brief intervention for:

  • Obesity or underweight management
  • Disease prevention and adoption of a healthier lifestyle
  • Improvement of athletic performance
  • Adherence to a healthy weight loss after a bariatric surgery

Personality Disorders Clinic

Every person has a personality: longstanding ways of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and oneself. However, when these traits are inflexible, maladaptive and cause significant impairment in relationships or subjective distress, they constitute a personality disorder. The diagnosis of Personality Disorders is underused. This owes mainly to the fact that Personality Disorders patients are difficult to treat and often evoke feelings of anger and frustration in the therapists. Such negative associations have caused many professionals to be unwilling to make the diagnosis. Many give precedence to co-occurring conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, anxiety disorders and eating disorders.

Psychotherapy is the cornerstone of the treatment of a person with a personality disorder. In the past few decades, treatment for Personality Disorder has changed radically, and, in turn, the rate of recovery has significantly improved.

The development of a secure attachment to the therapist is generally essential for the psychotherapy to have useful effects. Meetings with family members are also a key to a successful treatment. Education of the family instils hope and creates a healthier environment in the house.

Our understanding of this disorder itself is in the process of dramatic change. Where it was thought to be a highly chronic, resistant-to-change disorder, we now know it has a remarkably good prognosis.

Marital Discord Clinic

Marital distress is when one or both members of a relationship are not enjoying their lives together and have lost the ability to communicate and make their marriage work.  When couples come for therapy each partner is convinced that he did everything that was possible to make the relationship work; putting all the blame on the other partner and expecting the therapist to be on his side, in the position of an ally, in his/her fight with the other.

In the initial sessions the psychotherapist is able to identify the pathological patterns in communication and role playing between the spouses; as well as the frequent topics of dispute (landmines) such as: sexual problems, financial issues, parenting styles discord, etc.  During this period the psychotherapist will evaluate the relationship and each member individually to assess the personal burden of the conflicting relationship and to exclude any major psychiatric disorders that deserves to be treated individually.

Going through psychotherapy we will help the couple identify the sources of conflict, help each partner in determining their own share in the conflict and work on the unhealthy roles they play, improve their communication skills, and train them to fight in a constructive and fair way that aims at conflict resolution rather than building grudges.

Seniors and Liaison Clinic

We are specialized in Consultation Liaison, which is a sub-specialization in psychiatry, which cares for the people suffering from a psychological illness closely related to a medical illness.

Many physical diseases have been found to be at least partially caused by the person’s psychological status such as peptic ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia and ischaemic heart diseases.

On the other hand many physical complaints are a reflection of a psychological disturbance. A person living with a chronic illness has a high probability of developing a psychological disorder which often has a negative effect on the treatment of the medical illness. Chronic medical conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus, Endocrine disorders, Cancer and chronic heart diseases have the highest probability.

Consultation Liaison is particularly useful for:

  • Behavioural disturbances in children and adults with Diabetes.
  • Depressive disorders accompanying Cancer diseases.
  • Psychological and cognitive disturbances accompanying Stroke and other Cerebro-vascular conditions.
  • Psychological disturbances accompanying Thyroid and other endocrine disorders.
  • Psychological disturbances accompanying Autoimmune conditions.
  • Depressive disorders in old age people with chronic illnesses.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, Irritable bowel syndrome and medically unexplained symptoms.


Good Hope Psychiatry Clinic is offering you “on site psychiatric consultation” at our outpatient clinics at Abou Seifein Diabetes Center, Hayat Medical Hospital and Al Salam Hospital. Our Consultation Liaison service guarantees clear communication with the medical team.