Making Relationships Work: Roles We Play

Have you ever reflected about the role you play in a relationship?
Does this role affect the quality of your communication?
Do you feel confused? The more you give… the more things go wrong
Are you stuck in this role?
Do you project specific roles on your partner?

This workshop will tackle the “roles” played in a relation. Through the use of Drama therapy techniques the clients will explore different roles and its impact on the quality of communication and expression within a relationship.
This creative educational workshop is based on Drama Therapy techniques such as; embodiment, role play, storytelling and mask making.

Our main objective is to offer a creative healing space where participants can safely explore, understand and express their feelings and challenges.

Participants will have a chance to explore the different roles within an educational/experiential context.

Workshop leaders:
Ingi Abou Zeid, MA – Drama Therapist
Dr. Adly El Sheikh, MSc – Psychiatrist
Date: Tuesday, January 31st, 2017
Time: 6:00- 9:00 pm
Place: The Good Hope Psychiatry Clinic in Mohandessin
Fees: 300 L.E
To book your appointment please call us on the clinic phone numbers:
+2 01272535452
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