What To Expect When You Visit a Psychiatrist

Do people find it easy to drop by a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist when they’re in pain?

In this TV Show we shed the light on what happens in our psychiatry clinic. How the assessment is run, the psychology lab and its role in reaching the most accurate diagnosis, the different clinics adressing the core psychological problem, and the different treatments we use.

Powering you with knowledge about what to expect in a psychiatry clinic is another blow in the face of mental illness stigma.

Extract 1: A tour in the Good Hope Clinic


Extract 2: How is the Psychiatric Assessment run?


Extract 3: How the Brain affects the body and the role of Lab tests in the psychiatric assessment


Extract 4: The Role of Medications in the Treatment Plan


Extract 5: The Child Psychiatry Clinic by Dr. Allya Magdy


Extract 6: The Addiction Clinic by Ms. Farah Abdelbary


Extract 7: The Psychology Lab by Ms. Sarah Nour


Extract 8: How knowledge does help in the fight against mental illness Stigma