Cognitive Remediation Therapy


“My son has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia a long time ago. In the beginning he suffered from hallucinations (hearing voices) and delusions (a belief that others are talking about him behind his back or that he’s being watched). Medications have helped him overcome these symptoms. Nowadays he doesn’t talk much, he has scholastic/work problems, he’s socially withdrawn and looks absent minded most of the time; as if he is depressed.”

This is NOT depression. These are “The Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia”. Recent studies confirm that impairment in cognitive and executive functions (such as attention, memory, planning and organizational skills) plays a major role in the development of these symptoms.

We at the Good Hope Psychiatry Clinic provide a comprehensive psychological assessment for the cognitive impairment in people with Schizophrenia. And accordingly work up the suitable Cognitive Remediation Therapy Programme to help our patients overcome these symptoms in a way that will reflect on the different aspects of their lives.

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